Well, it was an amazing first year for GHCH. In less than a year we established a board of directors, got incorporated as a not for profit, developed and delivered 3 avenues of programming for our riders, and did all the other administrative tasks that we had no idea about when we started.  It was a lot of work but very worth while to see riders in GHCH kit riding trails across southern Ontario.   We competed in the Kelso Mountain Bike Series and Cyclocross Series, Paris to Ancaster, the Tour de Kincardine, O-Cup MTB Series and MTB provincials.  Across the three programs GHCH had 22 youth riders with several participating in multiple programs.  We ran a 2-day camp at Mansfield Outdoor Centre, attended several community events, and even had a few riders try the track at the Milton Velodrome.  This was all able to come to fruition by our most important resource our dedicated volunteers.  These volunteers dedicated an immense amount of there personal time to create opportunities for all our youth riders and the program would not have been a success without them.  Thanks as well for all the support we received from Ontario Cycling as well as all our friends in the cycling community.  We are looking forward to an even better year in 2024.  We plan on starting programing April 1, 2024, to get our riders ready for Paris to Ancaster.  See you in the spring.

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