On November 22, 2023, riders from GHCH and the KW Cycling Academy met with riders from the Roberto Castaneda Cycling Club located in Ciego de Avila, Cuba.  RCCC is one of the cycling programs that supports youth riders in Cuba.  The RCCC riders were in the middle of a 140km training ride are coached by Rual Torres Pino who has 43 years of experience coaching Cuban riders.  The GHCH and KW riders donated tires, spare tubes, bar tape and kit item, items which are in demand but in short supply to riders in Cuba.  It was an amazing experience for the GHCH and KW riders to ride in Cuba and meet with the Cuban riders who were very appreciative of the generous donation.  Shout out to Jeff Reid, from the Bikes for Cuba program and to Cuban national team rider Leandro Marcos for helping facilitate this opportunity. If anyone is travelling to Cuba in the future and would like to participate in a similar experience, please contact GHCH at  Special thanks to Jeff Burke, Lisa Ulrich and Ariel Andres for all the items they donated that went to a great cause.

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